NandedNanded was earlier known as "Nandigram". It is near about equi-distance from some important cities like Aurangabad, Hydrabad, Solapur, and Nagpur. Nanded city forms a part of east central Maharashtra and lies along the Godavari River. Nanded is situated 650-km away from Mumbai and 270-km from Hyderabad . It is also spelt "Nander" and derives its name from "Nanda Tat" ("Nanda border"), a term that refers to the boundary of the Magadha kingdom during the 7th century BC. Nanded is also a district headquarter and second largest city in Marthawada after Aurangabad . Latur and Parbhani districts surround Nanded on the west and Yavatmal district on the north: the state of Andhra Pradesh lies to the east and Karnataka State to the south.

Nanded is famous as a centre of Sanskrit learning and is important due to its historical, social and political background. The tenth Guru of Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singhji held his court and congregation over here. This is the place where he recovered after assassins that attacked him. A Sikh gurdwara was also built on the same site.  Nanded has a personality of its own due to its mythological, historical, social and cultural importance. The river Godavari flows through the city. Temples and Ghats on the banks of Godavari have made Nanded one of the holiest places for Hindus.

 Nanded Facts & Figures :

Nanded  at a glance...

 Latitude 18° 15 ' to 19° 55'
 Longitude 77° to 78° 25'
 Climate Tropical
 Clothing Light Cotton
 Temperature 45° C to 29°C  (Summer)
26°C to 6°C
 Population 2,75,083
 Rainfall Average 897.8 mm
 Nanded Sightseeing :
 Shri Hazur Abchalnagar Sahib :

Takhat Sachkhand Shri Hazur Abchalnagar Sahib is the main Gurudwara situated in Nanded. It is one of the four High seats of Authority of the Sikhs. Guru Gobind Singh was the 10th and last Guru of the Sikhs who held his court and congregation here. He died in Nanded, and his ashes are buried in the Sach Khand Shri Huzur Gurudwara on the side of the river Godavari.   Maharaja Ranjit Singhji, the great Ruler of Punjab between 1830 to 1839 A.D, built the Gurudwara. The Gurudwara houses the mortal remains of the 10th Guru and number of weapons of various kinds are exhibited here. Also on display are the swords of Maharaja Ranjit Singhji and other Sikh Generals.

 Nanded Fort :

Located at a distance of about 4-km from the Nanded Railway Station this dilapidated fort of Nanded is surrounded by Godavari River on three sides. The fort has a good garden and water work

 Nanded Excursion :
 Renukadevi Temple At Mahur :

Renuka Devi temple is situated on a hillock at a distance of about 2.5-km away from the village of Mahur. It is believed that the temple was constructed by a Yadava king of Devgiri about eight or nine hundred years ago.

 Parli :

Vaijnath is located about 130-km from Nanded. There are twelve Jyotirlingas, which are the most significant places of pilgrimage for Hindus. Among them five happen to be in Maharashtra and Vaijnath is one of them. Shiva has been worshipped in these places for centuries.

 Sahid Masjid :

The Masjid known as the Hazrat Nawab Sarfaraz Khan Sahid Masjid is said to have been constructed about 330 years back. Sarfaraz Khan was an officer in the army of Aurangzeb. The Masjid is situated in Biloli Town, which is constructed out of a stone.


Unkeshvar is situated on the bank of river Penganga. The village is famous for its hot water springs. It is situated at a distance of 19-km from Ambadi, a railway station on Mudkhed - Adilabad railway route. At Unakdeva, there is a temple dedicated to the Lord Shiva.

 Kandhar :

Kandhar Town in Nanded district is famous for its fort, which is situated in the heart of town. Its construction is attributed to the Rashtrakuta King Krishna III of Malkhed who styled himself as "Kandharpuradhi Swar". Encircling the fort is a ditch filled with water.

Malegaon :

Malegaon a small village in Loha Taluka is famous for a very big fair held in honour of Lord Khandoba. This big fair namely " Malegaon Yatra " is held yearly. Malegaon is situated at a distance of about 57-km from Nanded

 Hottal :

Hottal is situated in Degloor Taluka. There is a very beautiful Temple dedicated to Lord Siddheshwar, which is known for the characteristic Art of the Chalukya Era. Hottal is 8-km away from Degloor.

 How to get there :

Air: Considering development of the city, the national airport authority has approved a plan for expansion of the airport. Aurangabad is a convenient airport from where daily flights to Mumbai (40min) are operated by various domestic airlines. 

Rail: Nanded is having direct connectivity by train from Mumbai , Pune , Bangalore , Delhi , Amritsar, Bhopal, Indore, Agra, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Ajmer, Aurangabad and Nashik. 

Road: It is very easy to access Nanded by bus, State Transport or private Travels is also very convenient because of large frequencies of buses. State Transport Buses are available from Mumbai, Aurangabad, Pune, and Hyderabad to Nanded; Distances from other cities: Mumbai is 650-km, Aurangabad is 265-km, and Hyderabad is 270-km.

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