From rock-cut caves to invincible Maratha forts, from Spectacular churches to colonial architecture, Maharashtra's archaeological list is as impressive as it is long. In fact Maharashtra has the largest number of rock cut caves in India. These magnificient examples of Buddhist architecture can be visited in parts of Northern Konkan, Western Ghats Sahyadri Hills and in Murnbai itself.

In Maharashtra its common for the opposites to merge. which explains the harmonious co-existence of the peace loving Buddhist monks and their monasteries with the valiant Marathas and their invincible forts. That were built in the hills, in the lands and over in the seas. Make your base in Mumbai and travel in Mahrashtra. Explore the Chaitya caves. Admire the fantastic churches and mosques. Re-live the velour of the Marathas the Rashtrakutas, the Chalukyas in their invincible forts. Go on! Set out on your journey of discovery.


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